ETL oriental supermarket was established in 1998 and has now been refurbished under the new management team. Our store is located in central edinburgh, only a few minutes away from Princes Street and Edinburgh University. We specialise in oriental products and brands from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Our aim is to provide you a superior service and great value for money, and we hope you enjoy your visit to our store!


好消息! 爱丁堡爱贸行在经过全新装修以后,现在终于在新的管理之下重新开张了。我们本着货品齐全,价格公道,顾客至上的原则,全心全意的为广大华人朋友,留学生提供最优质的服务。 无论您是我们的老朋友还是新客户,我们都会尽力满足你的需求,让您在我们店里的购物之行变得更加愉快!

ETL Oriental Supermarket

125 Lauriston Place

Edinburgh EH3 9JN
(Free Parking Space)


Opening hours:

10am-7pm Mon to Sat,

closed Sun

     ETL Oriental Supermarket 1998

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